Satanism is a widespread term used these days. People have also heard about giving their souls to the satan and getting rewards in return. Sometimes a mind processes that is it all true. Does this people really have the power of the satan, the help of the satan, the mind of a satan. Then yes indeed its true. Being a Muslim i too can get many descriptions and explanations about this thing. Satan as described in Quran as Shaitan was a Jinn itself , and we all know that Jinnats are as much evil and as much good as we humans are. Like us, they too are required to worship God and follow Islam. Their purpose in life is exactly same as ours. Jinns can thus be Muslims or non-Muslims. But due to their fiery nature most of them are non-Muslims. And the one leading this non-Muslim community is Satan. Shaitaan mainly known as Iblees does has his other shayateen friends, along with which he can spread as much possible evil as he can. Allah has given Jinnat powers as a matter of test. If they oppress others with them, then they will be held accountable. Satans use these powers to spread evil, help those who need them by any means they can, as their one and only goal is to spread evil.

Satanism by definition explains:

Worship of Satan, or the devil, the personality or principle regarded as embodying absolute evil, in complete antithesis to God. Cults associated with satanism have been documented, however sketchily, back to the 17th century. Their central feature is the black mass, a corrupted and inverted rendition of the Christian Eucharist. Practices are said to include animal sacrifice, and deviant sexual activity. Worship is motivated by the belief that Satan is more powerful than the forces of good, and so is more capable of bringing about the results sought by his adherents.
How possibly could Nostradamus the World famous predictor, predict the future 100's of years before. How could he possibly know everything that is hidden from the naked eye. The prediction about the world wars, the invention of all the major inhumanatarian weapons. How can possibly a fortune teller really predict your past and your future. How can he come to know about the truth that is hidden to everyone accept for you. We often refer to as, these people having special powers or instincts, what possibly could these be. These people were satanists, giving their body and soul to the satan, worshipping the evil, pleasing the satan and getting him to help them. Imagine the great magicians, David Copperfield, Criss Angel, David Blaine. How can they float in air, walk on water, vanish the statue of liberty infront of so many people, cut people in half. How could these acts be done with so much perfection that not even the camera lens can grab it. Help from the satan, worshipping the evil and getting what an ordinary man couldnt. As everything done isnt always an illusion. Some troubled teens apparently turn to Satanism when they feel powerless and abandoned by thier families, the world and the christian god. They join cults that encourage, or require, them to carry out acts of violence to prove thier homage to Satan. Drug abuse is common. The ritual violence gives them a sense of power.
Coming towards the legendary bands Beatles, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Eagles and many others. Solo singers include Marilyn Manson and Madonna who top the list. Why do they always have hit singles, that are so grabbing even after 20,25 years they have the same amount of fan following as they had years before. This also leads us towards a chain of undefined deaths associated with them, as those who help, also can kill. A famous technique called as Back Masking has certainly revealed so much of which people were unaware of. These are the people who have openly declared their faith in Satanism. Remember the "Satanic Verses" by Salman Rushdie and the authorities behind who are their to save him. People wouldnt belive when il start typing names about famous Politcians across the world who are Satanists, they dont admit but they show that they are. For details u can visit the following link to get more info and truth behind them. Mistakes can be captured once, twice bt noone would believe on handful of mistakes. Satanics also include, serial killers, child abusers and serial rappers. All of them believe in the power of Evil and its Superiorty over Good. Satanist also believe in the act of symbols and most the youth fail to understand what they are showing as a sign of ROCK isnt really ROCK. Check the symbols here
Anton Szandor Lavey was the founder of the current Satanic Community. Giving birth to satanic cermonies, satanic weddings and many other satanic based rituals. Satanics have their own churches, their higher preachers, their rules and their rituals. Satanism has become as much of a religion as there are many others prevailing on earth. Nobody feels harm in being a satanist or supporting one. My brain fails to assume why? Why is it not hard to believe that what this is ISN'T right. Its the act of evil and so much so far i beleive in it can never prevail over good. The power they are getting now is of no use as this world is mortal and no human can hold the power and strength till immortality.
My purpose of writting all this was to just give an outlook of what is going on, what is Satanism, who are the followers and why do they follow. Things sometimes we dont bother to look at and regard them as illusion are true. Still this topic cant be closed nor can it be concluded as there r still too many evils unfolded that even thousand of pages wouldnt be enough.