Just about a week before i received a comment on one of my posts stating:
Louise Lewis said...
Thank you for starting my day with some food for thought. As I get older (ahem, I mean "wiser"), I think I've learned to reach a balance of listening to heart and mind...but some days, not so much!
As my simple way of giving back, if you'd like to receive a gift copy of my book, No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!, please e-mail your request.
Offer open to all who read this...No strings attached. Really.
Thanks again for the post!
So being a book freak i noted down the site address tracked the contact id and mailed my request and to my surprise i got my book the next day, though the book was in PDF format and also it had some encryption in the file that cldnt work with me so i ended up reading the whole book online. The book is around 200 pages and all the pages hold the same emotions. The book is about a lady who had gotten off from her job and now she has an options either to ruin the rest of her life being depressed or make something good out of it.
She opted the way shown to her by her Spirit, the decisions she made listening to her self , swyaed her along different paths, it made her make new connections with people she never even imagined she would meet and connect with in her life. Talking about complete strangers in her book, whom she has connected with , listening to her Spirit. So many surprises that had been instored for her along the 4 year journey with her new chapter in life ( her book).
Her book also describes of her relations with her family members, how she has developed a strong bond with them over so many years. Her relations with friends, family,co-workers and even the strangers that she had met across her journey. The points that later on she connected, cleared what all had meant for her all this time. The different meanings i have came to know after reading so many remarks about meaning of life for different people who have suffered different tragedies in their life, has kept me awed.
I had a great time reading this book, so as a courtesy i though to share it wid all those who drop by my blog and yeah everyone can access the book, just click on the Title of this Post and you'll b redirected to the link.
Have a happy reading, and do give a shot to learn ur spontaneous answer for the meaning of life for you, mean while im trying to sit back and catch mine ;)
Sana :)