What its like chasing the shadow, running after a thing that doesnt even have a physical existence. Chills running down the spine when u have just figured out something u have been trying to solve over ages.What is there within the body and soul that we keep on struggling with every now and then. It is like running in a different race, having a horse, that is jockied without a saddle. Trying to be hard and sometimes easy with it. Like playing a game blindfoldedly, not knowing what is there ahead,not knowing will the next turn be too deep, not knowing will the next step be the last one, will it really take u to the heights. What is there within the shadows that we r afraid of? Is it so horrifying? Is it something that makes us uneasy to think and talk about? Is it that scary?

A shadow is a man's innerself emerging in it's loneliness, yet a man can carry just one shadow and no two people share a single shadow. WHY? because, does anyone claim to share oneself with anyone? NO! so that's just the deal, when a body cannot be shared neither can be a shadow. Lets face it, how many of u out there have had those moments each night,with heads on the pillows, eyes stuck at the roof, and thoughts drifting inside the mind, what has gone wrong? what has left? where's that hole? whats the deal? So many thoughts and still the same struggle for the answer. The answer is in the truth that we are all afraid of and we all hide from. Cos we all know that, no matter how perfect we are in lieing to the outter world, inside we share the same dirty secrets about reality and truth. One can see the phases of a shadow spending long hours standing idle under the sun, still we wouldnt be able to figure it out. Shadow is your companion from birth till death yet he isnt there with you at nethier of the two events. It leaves u along with ur soul coz the shadow is the reflection of the soul, reflection of the being within.
The truth is, running the horse of life isnt easy, playing a game blinfoldedly isnt easy and yet facing our own shadow isnt easy either. Because no pain is as deadlier and nerveracking as the guilt within oneself.

Life itself is but the shadow of death, and souls departed but the shadows of the living.
--Thomas Browne.