Here are some signals that might be triggered towards you if by chance your looking FAT today. The sources are your good friends, who want to show the truth and don’t even want to hurt you. But do give them an ear.

Sign No 1) Hey you’re looking different today, is it something with the colour.

Sign No 2) You know what, you should try some dark coloured jeans, you will look slimmer.

Sign No 3) Lets not have coffee today; we'll replace it with plain water. What do you think?

Sign No 4) Your cheeks are feeling quite puffy today, did something bite you?

Sign No 5) Is it just me, or Yellow isn’t just your type of colour?

Some Tips to Avoid Looking Fat:

If you’re a bit overweight and not obese try avoiding, whites, yellows, oranges and peach colours. Try to avoid wearing horizontal striped Tees'. Avoid sticking something really tight around your neckline that will really give your face a Huge Effect. If you have lumpy arms PLEASE avoid wearing sleeveless and shortsleeve Tees'. Avoid using Pencil Heels.

Some Tips to Look Slimmer:

Wear full sleeve Shirts. Long Shirts with fitted waistlines will give your abdomen a slimmer look. Use darker shades like Black's, Maroon's, and Brown's. If your hair type is extremely curly keep them tied up or else they will give your face a pulpy effect. And yeah always take care of how you are standing as this is possibly the MOST important tip, coz a bad posture can add pounds visually.

And just to end the note. No matter what you wear, just be confident about yourself, as a confident persona portrays a good body.