Many people are writing about how the year 2007 went for all of them, well m too doing one or the same thing. I aint sure weither in this year I as a person have really affected someone means did my presence or did my thoughts help somone out, but for me the presence of a few people owing the most to my best friend has helped me alot through the ups n downs that i had to face the whole year.

Starting with the 1st few months, life was a mixture of quite alot of emotions, my birthday was a great thing for me as i had my bestest friend to share it wid me ofcourse along with my parents n m lovely elder sister. Had quite a good time, then had my exams just like everyone else. Yet the time span between mid of June till end of September ill count as the hardest of all for me, unfortunately i really dont like to say it but this was the time i was supposedly on Vacations, spending my time in my homeland, but i really feel shameful to say all this that why do people make life so complicated for others, this was the thing that i saw not only in my relatives but its just the thing that is spread all over, why do we have to face sarcasm over silly things. We cant do something as we are pointed by others who themselves do the samething and have their own stupid reasons for doing so. There is even the fault of our parents who prefer to listen to others and ignore the debate that arises when their children offend of what that is happening around them. I too had to keep my mouth shut and just to act blind and deaf of what evryone opposed over me and my sister, just because if we did say something the issue will come out in the daily morning paper as the Top Headline stating what we had done in a way that it resembled as if we had some connection with Al-Qaeda. It's like, yes we are living with our relatvies, but is it something that u keep imposing on us? dont we take care of u? does the only thing that matters is money and there is no place left for love and affection? .

Well thanks to Allah the misery finally ended and we headed back home by end of September, it was ramzan the loveliest and the most favourite month for me rather i guess for all of the Muslims, i dont know what it holds but its the month i would love to be for the entire year. Eid was a special package as always, had fun with my family as didnt have any relatives out here whom we can go out and greet, but yet again all of our Muslim brothers and sisters belonging to different countries are our family when we are living away from our country. We share our Eid with them and enjoy in the same way as we do back in our land with our relatives, and its a fact that here we enjoy our time more with them rather then when we are with our relatives because when the matter switches towards finding any possible fault in ur preparation rather then really celebrating the festival then the thing gets offensive and the true taste of love and family bonding is lost.

The month of November got a bit dragged lols really didnt get to know why but it seemed to be like a never ending month, then came December and ofcourse Eid -ul - Azha, well Eid is the only occasion that varies from ages, like its said that Eid is only for Kids and Women ( like u know as poor Men only have to empty their wallets over Eidis and for the shopping of ladies lols). December also had many more things but for now i really dont wanna mention them here.

As for now this entire year for me was like a student, well a man's whole life is like a student, but this year for me was rather on an emotional journey as before the college studies and kindergarten memories didnt give enough time to think about any other issue, but just as its said by many others that the moment u step in ur professional life ur immediately surrounded by a group of hounds, be it a boy or a girl, life becomes equally tough for both of them, including which career to choose, weither to work and study together or just work and leave studies and stuff like that, for me my career was supposed to be something else but just because of the nature of the people i saw in Pakistan i purposelly refused to step in there alone as i know what i am, and i really didnt want to make my parents feel bad regarding me( ok WHY! coz i just cant have control over my mouth and i cant bear hypocrisy and the person who lies gets on my bad list the very moment). My best friend has really taught me alot regarding many of the issues, he corrected my perception about differnet religious and political issues. I have felt a change in myself from the person i was when i stepped out of high school then in the one whom im now. There is still so much i have to learn, so much i want to see and explore. Just there are prayers for not only myself but for my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters that no matter how bad situation ur stuck in just once call Allah from deep within, ull definitely find a way out of that blackhole that ur in, and to never blame Allah for any thing as He is not the one who messes things up, its our own deeds that drags us on the edge.

There are just two main things that ill surely try to get rid off in the year 2008 inshallah, and that is my short temperedness and a real bad habbit to point out things. I pray that Allah gives me strength to fight against my Will, and never to hurt someone not only by my hand but also not from my words.

Allah blesses all of us Ameen