Why is that we often have to take tension about various things in life?Cant just life be easy with us?Cant our God have Mercy on us?What is the matter?Where is the problem?

Every time and forth we are struggling with one issue or the other,be it studies,job,personal life, health issues,be it anything. Our greatest foe is time,we have to battle for everything against time and time management is the only thing we need to learn to get rid of these complexities. We can learn about it from various sites,places, by psyciatrist to whom we go to share our problems, but this at all is not possible unless you have the will and full determination to fight back. Time isnt a feeble rival at all it easily tracks your weakness and waits for its right moment to attack back and if at that particular moment your not in the right state of mind you'll be crashed and burnt. So for your strength you have to pump up your mind and start playing your cards right. Remember times victims are those who are foolish enough to get trapped in this silly ensnare.

So i thought wouldnt be a good idea to share those points that i have in my mind, may be that would help some of you out there. I have seen people struggling so hard to complete just the basic tasks in a day,waking up in the morning,trying to reachoffice at time,avoiding to yawn at office that alerts the upper management who keep an eye weither ur here to sleep or to work, heading back home again trying to avoid sleep while driving, laundries, pick and drop of children, daily groceries and then pending office work at home even after 5-6 hrs of overtime you have still work pending that has short deadlines. Wherever if we could possibly determine what really our routine is, we can possibly sort stuff out and even have time to do some recreational stuff.

Some points to remember that can be applied by everyone :

  1. Have atleast 6-7 hrs of sleep as that is the minimum time required to sleep for an adult

  2. If ur an early waker then getting in bed earlier will b a good thing but if u have to wake around 8:30 or 9 then sleeping late till 1:30 can be accomodated.

  3. Planning what has to be done before sleeping, making points and taking a quick summary of what has happened the previous day and what left has to be completed

  4. Try the most to have control over your anger, yeah i know most of u would be thinkng what anger has to do with time managment then yes it has a very strong connection with it, people waste their time getting mad over stupid things which can be easily be ignored thus resulting in time wastage, and avoid delay in small works
    For example: You wake up n see ur 15 mins late then ur usual time for office and then u start blaming ur mom or ur wife for all this whereas they had already tried to wake u up a million times before, whatever next u skip ur breakfast and rush towards ur car or any public transport. Then comes the issue of traffic u get stuck on a busy road that gets u 30 mins late, what if u stumble upon a man on ur way, what happens next u get out of ur car abuse the person waste 10 more mins and eventually u get 45 mins late to ur office. Your boss calls u up gives u a dose and then yet again in anger u start ur daily office work that again gets pending because u couldnt concentrate properly just because u were in rage and were finding ways to kill ur boss.

  5. Heading back home have atleast 30 mins rest be it of any sort, watching TV,listening to some music, surfing the internet, just dont ask what there is for shopping just after entering the house-door. Have some rest and then decide what has to be done for the remaining time.Make a list of all the stuff that has to be done outdoors, like any groceries to be done or laundry to pick up and etc etc just make a list so that u go out once finish the job and then get back home.

  6. If u have had ur complete 7 hrs sleep then dont try to have a nap after u come from ur work as this results in loss of sleep when its needed at night.

  7. Have a tender meal, satisfy ur hunger and then sit down and work on any of the pending stuff u had incase brought home.

  8. Dont delay ur sleep, as at that time ur work seems to be important but what has been left can be done when u wake up fresh in the morning, and by that time that work can be done in even less time then the usual as ur mind has become fresh after a good night's sleep.

  9. Have atleast 5 glasses of water minimum as water refreshes ur mind and ur nerves and loosens ur muscles, means it drags away ur laziness, avoid too much consupmtion of tea and coffee because that causes restlessness.
And the most important point to remember is:

  • Try to offer ur prayers 5 times, and never to delay any of ur salah as if u manage to catch up with namaz u can manage to catch up with any of the other pending work and most of all blessings are upon that person that manages to give time to his Allah between his daily chores.
Okey! So these were the points for the people who have jobs on their mind but if u r a student then the most simple points are:

  1. Have atleast 8 hrs of sleep, 7 hours at nite and one hour of nap when ur back from school or university or whatever.

  2. Just try to point down the major points during the lecture, dont play lazy during the lecture as the work done at the spot is stamped on ur mind the more u delay the more it gets washed off.

  3. Have ur meal at a specific time, dont just keep on changing ur eating routine.

  4. Try to finish ur assignments 2-3 days before the deadline as if u keep on dragging it then it results in tension at the last moment..
So these were some simple points that if tried to follow will surely help to sort out many pending things. And remember we are way better then Time, just have to use some logics and try and understand ourselves and we can easily beat the Time-Machine.
Best Of Luck :)