*Warning*:This post is entirely based upon some facts and doesnt at all mean that i'm a Bilawal Fan or something, and MIND IT any commentor who pointed upon me for taking sides will then have to bear the circumstances.

So just was roaming around and found out that the Bilawal Fever has lowered down a bit, i thought why not i post my review over all of this. OK! Then firstly i had some questions popping up in my mind. First, Who has spread this rumour that HE IS going to be our Future Leader? i mean come on man he is 19, he still needs 13 years to get eligible for being our Leader? and can we really predict the coming 13 years? and why on earth do we get after those lads who over night get popular, be it our own Bilawal or be it Prince Williams and Hary, they arent the future Leaders in any of the near future ( coz still Charles has a long time to go ). Next who are we to possbily intrude anyone's personal life i mean look here if i randomly pic some pictures and start writting a blog over them pointing out at their stuff stating they are going to be our Futrue bla bla watever so THAT would b intruding someone's personal life but what is the law for those who have taken out Bilawals personal pictures i mean obviously he can sue the reporters who have taken his pics from a famous social circle, and yeah the mark that the reporters are foreigners the case is omitted all together. And most of all look at here at blogistan people are making headlines NUDE PICTURES ooh come on WT* is this u know people that those pictures arent nude this shows how sick minded people they are willing to grab any attention using such Tag Lines.

The major point to remember out here is that Bilawal at all cant be considered as a kid who can be like a normal Paki Kid. OK! and why is that so? The moment Bhutto Kids were born they were dragged in different situations being it that their father was held in jail for 9 years be it being exiled from their own country, since then they have been living lives of nomads, rushing to London from Dubai and from Dubai to London, changing schools, friends, environment. These kids have the same life as some kids whose parents have continuous job transferal problems once they have settled their lives in a new place its time to leave. Then comes another part the kids have been living and studying abroad where they have ample opportunity to meet and mingle with people belogning to different cultures and for kids who are still unaware of their own culture and are in their teens can easily be attracted towards other stuff, arent the kids who are studying in posh schools be it any hi-fi Co-Ed school all over Pakistan if we go and look at their theme parties u will come to know that yeah baby some reall new stuff is going on in here as well. And bout celebraing the festivals that arent a part of our Culture or Reilgion then what bout the concert that On-Aired on one of the Pakistani government channel on Hallowen, with all the dress codes and the set design, cool so its proved we are having double standards eeh.
That kid is studying in Oxford he has some foreign friends with whom he passes his time and have fun, what about those who leave Pakistan at the age of 24( pretty mature ryt) for MBA n stuff and they end up having a blast in UK or USA and why would that be? just cause they have mingled with the people adoptiong plenty of their stuff, if u go and check out their pics if found at any of the social circle ull really find the similarities or may be even more then that. Why do we really have double standards? If ur siblings or offsprings are having the same fun as he is then whats the bloody difference anyways? This was the whole mess rounded up in my mind and the irritatingness that why on earth are people calling it as NUDE pictures i mean do they really know what NUDE means? was he shown doing some adultry in the pictures or what that the people are getting so offensive, and yeah just keep a check at ur kids and siblings might be that next time their pics are being targetted and harassed without notification.

PS: all the views are truely my own neither m i taking any sides nor m i interested in, but yeah try to be more responsible towards what ur saying