I know the tag sounds weird, but its meant to be like this i guess. Was just browsing through some random news channels and came across one of a bharati news channel ( the cunning reports they usually have) where in their usual style they were elaborating on some wicked power, i found it wicked. Well so the deal was that there is a guy living somewhere in india who i dunno what mistakenly saw a dream or was it real i really dun care bout that he claimed to have seen the actual murder of Benazir Bhutto around 14 days before her actual death and he being on a social circle posted his views on a forum about what he has actually seen and what is really going to happen. The guy has even made predictions about many bollywood actors and plenty of other people as well. Though the posts have been completely cleared from the community but he stil has some pics in his album where he has shown and marked the days between his prediction and the actual incident. God knows was it a chance or was it something else :P as he has marked himself as the psychic reader ( with the wrong spellings though :P ). So any of you out there who really wanna find out of what is there in their bhavishya :P do have a drop at the guys profile ;)