Dunt know what to say and why m here but right now i feel like i have transformed into some vampire, i wanna bite people drink blood :O i know it sounds weird but this is what m feeling ryt now, bit irritated of all the lies flying around me bugging me each sec. One moment its this thing and the next the thing is spun around a round table, just like a conference on a round table where everyone spills watever is there inside of them when they get their turn, without thinking, without analysing what they really are saying. Dunt know when our nation will develope its self, we are educated its not that we are illitrate but the thing is most of em r literate illitrate means Parhay Likhay Jahil. Dun care what others want, what others think, what will be the consequences and stuff.the list goes on and on..Was really frustrated thats why thought to spill something out, may b i aint right too, but what will be the next Big Lie coming out from the officials??still a mystery..but guess we wont have to wait that much as there has happened so much in the past 24hrs that now we can even expect that in our country babies wont wait 9 months for birth..