I had just gone through the whole documentary upon Yusuf Islam formerly known as Cat Stevens life, and m so amazed to know that a man really doesnt know from where his life begins and where its about to lead. A person destined to rule the Music Scene forever all of a sudden turns his back upon his passion, his experiences throughout his life signalling him for what has to come ahead. Somethings do happen in life that seems to be strange, bt a man has to keep on shifting his paths till he gets a hold on his life. Allah isnt cruel upon us but sometimes he has to be cruel to show us how life can be cruel with us if he wasnt there to protect us, and if he doesnt shows himself up how can we really believe in his existence.
The supreme thing about Yusuf Islam that has inspired me was his will to stick upon his decisions, his decision to bid farewell to Music, his decision to help the needy, his decision to accept Islam and become a Muslim and most of all his determination to bear the most callous circumstances created for him, even facing all the misunderstandings that were born after his lecture upon Salman Rushdi.
The man has undeniably encouraged all those who think about doing things but are laid back because of some anonymous reasons. And to my belief it all happens for those who have set their trails clear and their minds focused on what they really want from themselves and this sensation can be felt at anytime of the life, and you cant keep on searching for clues here and there as life isnt a game show where you win if you get the clue as fast as you can, life is an experience that can be led by making mistakes and by learning from them.
I really would love to quote what Yusuf Islam had said:
“I am confident that, in the end, common sense and justice will
prevail. I'm an optimist, brought up on the belief that if you wait to the
end of the story, you get to see that good people live happily ever

Smiles :)