Well since quite a time now i was thinking to make my blog account n to share some stuff that i have been until now storing here n there..for what m posting now is what i felt sme time ago bt it wld have been injustice to my blog if i didnt share my initials notes with all of u out there...though m really an amature in this writting business n my vocab isn't tht powerful bt guess for sharing ur thoughts u really dun have to use those hard english words as the worlds most complex feelings have been revealed using the most common dictionary words :>
so here my first post goes...
i was planning to rite smethng for wat these past few days have been for me,they were all alone,no1 to talk to,nuthng special to do nuthng coming on the TV...means the days were boring. I had no choice bt to remain silent n may b i got used to it as well thts why whn sme1 asked me smethng or tried 2 talk i used to get irritated coz smewat i strted liking my silence.Net was an alternative bt wat more can u use it thn orkut,facebook,n youtube coz m not a chat freak n i only chat wid hardly 2-3 ppl i got sick of it as well. Inreturn eventually i strted gtng sick of many thngs,music,TV,net,food n yeah Humans too i got sick of em too....
I still dun knw why all dis happened and why did i do dis to myslf as i hurted ppl alot,bt i dun get one thng whn ppl need time im always thr 2 spare my time n gve em my time bt whn i need sme1 to talk to..i need sme1's time thr is no1 for me..i care bout others bt others dun bother to even think about me and more over they even get mad at me for sme reasons.as in Why...??aint i human??dunt i have a life?dunt i hve emotions or a bloody pumpin heart?? Smetimes i wish i become a child again in my moms arms where she hides me,keeps me safe 4m all dangers,a life where thr is no tension of work nor pain of friendship, bt then again life is meant to go on,it doesnt stop at any station on the way just keeps on going working its soul out for the last station and when the train whistles before arriving at tht last station the poor soul realises tht he didnt even see the slightest of the happiness which was there in his fate,he didnt even njoy the small wonders of his own life...bt guess thts the time where the train just stops as there isnt any station ahead its just a dead end, the man wid a panting heart,weeping eyes and regreting soul leaves the train and gets on the train which leads him towards the next journey of hereafter...bt NO OOO!!! i dun wanna b lke that regretting soul,i dun wanna get on the train wid sorrows in my heart n tears in my eyes, i wanna b lke a soul who doesnt hve any wish left, who has seen the very slightest emotion of himself...i wanna be the Happy Soul yeah i wanna leave this place wid a shinning face wid a graceful smile wid sparks in my eyes,n yeah i will get tht shine tht spark n tht grace :) I will keep myslf happy,ill try new thngs,ill try all tht best to never make sme1 mad from me,ill try 2 apologise to all those broken hearts tht became the victim of my wrath,i will n i will be Happy wat i read smewhere that smethng like... yeah it will b like a Smile Revolution yeah this tiny phrase just made my day :) i will go on a Smile Revolution :)
Love u all, n sorry to all those whom i hve hurted in these days m sorry

Smiles :)