hmmmm i was just lying on the bed today and a phrase jst went thrgh my mind..."What if we got the hold of our own or sme1 else's life for just one day??" means wat will we xactly do...wat wld b our reaction...imagine no rules,no regulations,or u can say ke no "chiks chiks piks piks", no1 to say ke so jao uth jao,yeh kro woh krlo yeh kyun kia yeh aisay kyun pehna yeh aisy kyun kaha...Imagine no1 to stop u 4m all dis bt obviously for all dis to take place the world has to b entirely empty,as these days all r interested in sticking there legs in others matters,so for u to be entirely happy n free the world has to b empty.

Ok so lets imagine wat would b the 1st thng to do......hmmm lemme guess along wid me most of the ppl...will have party,full volume music, food n all,long hours of TV, late nite roaming outside,complete independence...i really dun get it as in why dont we need sme1 to handle us means we hate when our parents tell us ke u have to do dis u hve 2 make dis,u have to choose these careers i know they arent always rite bt yeah we arent always ryt as well,n yeah this point of mine also describes the second part of my phrase as wat if we got control over sme1 elses life as at this moment our lives r handled by our parents even our decisions r made by them,i know tht the only Guardian is our Lord bt for stayng on earth he has appointed Assistant Guardians for all of us and tht are our parents,now who knows our strengths n weaknesses better then our parents n yeah they use it for our good and smetimes thy even use it to track us all bout pro's n con's lols :P bt yeah i believe tht whom u love his/her life is also in ur hands n othr words ur the sole handler of his/her life as well...either u can make them the most happiest persons on the planet or the most miserable ones n this entirely depends upon the way ur using there weaknesses....i dun know as in why do we have to be selfish,mean,egoist whn it comes to love. Sometimes it feels to me tht ur words r just hitting the net n they arent reaching the other side of the court.

What if we express our love before the other person does,what if we get up by ourselves in a fully loaded bus before an elder comes to us and requests to us,what if we go out n help the poor before they even come up begging before us,what if we start studyng before our parents have to scold at us,What if we raise our hands before our Lord n talk to him before he has to be hard with us.What if we understand everythng before its even said??What if...??

Lemme imagine...what if i got control over my moms life [lols why not my dad coz he's better off himself :) ] for just one day,control in the sense if i cld persuade her to agree wid wat m sayng,i wld simply make her to rest, rest all day no work tensions,no tension of preparing lunch,no tension of my dad lols =p, i wld love to do evrythng for her, n gve her complete rest, all hours of watchng tv,chatting on the fone and have loads of fun, ill tlk wid her crack jokes n all evrythng just evrythng to make her happy n make her day n coming life shine infront of her :) bt then i think why do i hve 2 gve her just one day,is all her work till now,all the fruit of her restless nights can it be payed back in just one day,it seriously cant be done in just one day, so i wanna make all her days shine infront of her,all her nites free from tensions so tht she can sleep in ease n wake up all the mornings fresh in return :) i wanna give her all tht comfort tht she needs now :) as this thng seriously hit my heart hard whn last nite my mom said to me tht ill narrate it exactly the way as she said ke " AISA KYUN HOTA HAI KE INSAAN KO JIS UMER MAI JISS CHEESE KE SAB SAY ZYADA ZAROORAT HOTI HAI,WOH USKAY PASS NAHE REH SKTE,JAWANI MAI TU USSAY APNAY AAP KA HE SAHARA KAFE HOTA HAI MAGAR BURHAPAY MAI JAB USSAY SAHARAY KE ZAROORAT HOTI HAI TAB KOE USKAY PASS NAHE HOTA"..well most of u wld have gotten the meaning of ths thng by now :) so i dun hve 2 get into the meaning of the sentence as it wld open the doors to many chapters yet again :) i wanna let her live her life wid comfort n grace :) I LOVE YOU MOM :)

hmmm hmmmm hmmmmm okies my note isnt ending over here as i wanna control my love's life too before i end this thng =p
so wat if i got the control over my love's life for a day,again control is to persuade him to do wat i say, tu i wld make him eat all the things tht he hates as all of the thngs r just fine n its just the thng in his head,he doesnt know wat those thngs hold inside he just goes for the appearance,i wld make him have fun, whole fun day,i wld wake him up late,let him sleep as much as he wants,then to offer him a healthy n a tasty breakfast as he wakes up,all of the thngs ready for him :), no noice in his room,complete silence,time to let him play guitar,his choice to go out or not, i'll jst want him to sit by my side n do wteva he wants to as the only thng tht i wld want from him in return wld b his presence no matter in wat form it is,weither he's listening to me or not,he's paying me any attention or not,no matter if m just talking n his mind is in sme other direction bt atleast he wld be by my side n thts all i want :), n now this means tht instead of havng control of his life he wld b havng control of my life n dis depends on him how he uses my weaknesses !!! bt all i wnt to give him wld be my endless love :)

In the end all i want to say is What if u got the control or not try to love people before they come to u n ask for ur love,listen before sme1 asks u to gve them time :) leave the "What if" do the "Thngs to be done" :)
Smiles :)