How is it like to face the fear that’s standing just 10 feet away from you, looking directly into your eyes, feeling the soreness, the torment the scene is horrible. The fear of a little kid who has just broken Mama’s favourite antique piece and a chill has suddenly run down the baby’s body, the poor little thing unaware of what will happen next, will his Mama beat him up? Or let’s say the fear of a man who mistakenly took the wrong cut and saw a huge truck just an arms length away, the fear to loose his beloved wife n kids grips his soul, what will happen next? The fear of a young girl out with the one person who is the only important thing in her life suddenly gets the fear of her parents that she is out, and what will really happen if her parents got to know that? Facing the fear separates the skin from the body.
But there is just one look that exists that ensures you that nothing will ever go wrong, the look in the eyes of the baby’s guardian angel, the look in the eyes of the man’s wife, n the look of the girl’s true love that makes sure that nothing will go wrong. It’s the look of that Creator that is passed to its creature certifying him that He above is there to take care of all what is happening beneath, and it is all because of Him as He is the one to illustrate and to clarify all what is happening around and it is for the creature to witness and learn from his own deeds. Moments pass in a way as if centuries have gone by and that single glance shook every ones soul. Mama arrived at the devastated spot and just saw the innocent thing standing by the broken piece and she couldn’t do anything else but to grab her little toy n release it from its distress, she couldn’t even see the thing that was broken infront of the child’s innocence. The glimpse of his wife’s eyes made him actually forget about what was the fear that he was having and to his surprise he looked ahead n saw that the dangerous truck had actually managed to pull the brakes. The depressed girl couldn’t concentrate on anything but to think otherwise but the touch of her love’s hand n the truth beyond his eyes made her realise that there isn’t anything that can happen wrong if she has believe in the one Above, and to her believe she went back with the truth that was there in his eyes and got to know that what she believed in was true and fair.

----When there isn’t any way ahead and u feel like locked from all sides just look in the eyes of the one you love and believe in you will find the key to the hidden door.