Well well what to say, the days have started blooming, my heart is pounding with happiness, all those gloomy nights have started to fade away, all those devious thoughts have left my mind and after all those grime stuck in my head 24/7 my mind now feels like a fresh bud ready to explore a new day a new world. I’m free and I’m ready as in those few days all those crap that became my routine has made me learn new things that I didn’t give heed to before.Life has started to turn the way I wanted it to be. Things are coming my way and I can feel that now. And all this is happening in this pleasant weather, my favourite weather, and may be I’m feeling all this pleasantness because NOW m internally happy and satisfied YES m happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :>

Love u winter, love u winter love you WINTEEEEEEEEER …HUH !!

PS: most of you’ll b thinking why 17 degrees…tu first of all that was to attract more bloggers towards the topic and second of all that was the current temperature here in Qatar ;>

Smiles :>