Another day marked in the history of Pakistan, another life lost and listed in the bucket of millions who lose there life everyday, another family included in the rage. Is this where our country is leading, who so ever did all this didnt even think where it might lead, uptill now in the past 2 years i think the records of suicide bombing attacks all over pakistan would have crossed thousand cases in this time span.

Do we care what the other people think about us, do we really care about anything, yeah may be this article would come at a 1000th number in the list of articles that would be typed n printed just now n just like those one's mine also wouldnt make any mark, but i want to say my word, i want to say what i feel, what kind of rage im feeling now, i aint involved in any party or social circle, i really never care about politics, but what i really care about is what we are doing to mark our country safe and at peace.

People are talking s**** about us and we dont have a single word to defend ourselves, are we so selfish, is this wat we are, dozens of politicians have come and left causing the same harm, the same destruction. Kharabi mulk Pakistan mai nahe hai kharabi lafz Pakistani mai hai, the problem is not with the country the problem is with us the so called citizens of Pakistan, yes she has died, the lady has passed away then why on earth are u causing so much harm, so much anger against the people who have nothing to do with it, what is the fault of other citiznes that u r burning cars, breaking glasses, open firing, what is the purpose of all this, is it giving us any spiritual relief, is it of any use, people who are innocent and dont know what has happened so far, coz they were at their work places till now, u r killing them beating them up, just for the fault that they r heading back towards their houses. People at their home dunt feel safe as people in rage are breaking the windows of their houses, burning their cars down, yeah sab kia mulk Pakistan ka kasoor hai, nahe yeh sab hum Pakistanion ka kasoor hai, then why should people point on our land we should be the ones who should be pointed...

Im just sick and gtng sicker even more, sitting so far from my land worried bout my loved ones who r stuck in their homes, risking their lives, is this is the reason and the point in which we fight for freedom is this democracy, the freedom to do anything in the country, burn people alive, kissi ka ghussa kissi pr nikal diya jaye, if we have the knowledge the sense to choose what is right then why on earth do we elect them are we f**** blind why cant we see whats going on around us. Plenty of propaganda displayed by media is increasing the ever pumping rage of the locals

I dont want to say much as my senses arent with me right now, m shameful of what and where has our citizens lead our country, we keep on pointing fingers at everyone not knowing that the remaining four fingers are poiting back at us. If anyone wants to know what others are thinking about us and wants to defend our visit this link