Im just stunned after i read this news fwded by one of my friends and i was like What!! have they really lost it. Have they taken Religion as a joke that they can get up anytime interpretate any Hadees in any other way they want that basically suits them and come up with a weird fatwah.

The Molwi Sahab in news has allowed Alcohol for Muslims though in a small quantity to be legal in Islam. He himself has said that though many Muslims still beleive to take Alchohol in any quantity to be Haram. SO what did he meant to say was all who did so were idiots till now, and he comes in the scene interpretates it by his own liking and woallah here we have a new rule. If it would have been in this way then there were many other Muallims who were more qualified and more equipped i may use then him who may have made this rule if incase they found it true.

Alot of people are offended by this act, as already Alcohol has been made easily available in any country on the map including Muslim countries, but now coz of this act those who stayed away from it coz of the religious bounds will get involved in it with the fact that I can have some Alcohol untill and unless m conscious of my surroundings.

What on Earth has happened to this era's Mullahs, we are the ones who keep looking at them for advise not for destruction, sorry to say but i feel like calling them the Disco Mullahs, who see Islam in a sort of distracted way, and ones are the Osama Mullahs who find Suicide bombing the key to Jannah, i dont even regard them as Muslims cos killing an innocent soul who has done no harm to u is Haram and most of all Jahalat ( sadly most of em are found in our own Country ).

Im really dissapointed by this Mullah he has no right to play with the religion. For a detailed news click on the post Title.