She keeps her secrets
In her eyes
She wraps the truth
Inside her lies
Just when I can't say
What she's done to me
She comes to me
And leads me back to paradise

She's so hard to hold
But I can't let go

I'm a house of cards
In a hurricane
A reckless ride
In the pouring rain
She cuts me and the pain
Is all I wanna feel
She tears away just like a child
She drives me crazy
Drives me wild
But I'm helpless when she smiles

She smiles
Maybe I'd fight if I could
It hurts so bad
But feels so good
She opens up just like
A rose to me
When she's close to me
Anything she'd ask me toI would
It's out of control
But I can't let go

When she looks at me
I get so weak
Its a truth that these guys have come along way now, and their music has certainly matured, i have been Backstreet Boys fan since 8th grade and i dunno how can i describe how Big fan Im. The song above is the one i love from their latest album, it was hard to pick but i love this one the most . The video is a bit dull but it goes well with the mood of the song.
Thought to share it with u all :)