Was having a random search at youtube and found these two extreme cased animal videos, Though i have this obsession with cats(irrespective of the sizes ;)) but the videos have confused me alot either to adopt a cub or not ehem :P Im just so much of an animal freak i can pet any animal, but it shouldnt be a filthy one :P but anyone adopting should take care that:
  • Pet but not that much, that u eventually end up irritating the beast.
  • Always keep a backdoor :P
  • Not a backdoor than u must have a shotgun or something :P
  • And yeah always always have balance otherwise what goes next is showed in the video below :S
PS: hope this post isn't read by some animal activist or else ill be sued for the tips ;), and yeah NEVER let ur kid out to Pet the Neighbours LION :P ROFL!