Why do someday you miss someone your not meant to with a painful intensity that punches straight in your heart...

Crazy as it sounds.... I really cant imagine what exactly do I miss that much, the wind that blew, the air I took, or the heart that I broke. I wasnt ever meant to be a Life Saver.

Drowning down deep deep down in the ocean of my own reality, where the water is no blue but black, where no life can be seen, and no sound can be heard. All I can see, feel, hear, and think of is Me. Why do I had to be so self-obsessed!

When you ask me for the Truth,
I say no Words,

When you ask me for that Feel,
I say I have None,

When you ask for me that Touch,
I say I turned it all to dust,

When you ask me for those Laughs,
I say I had lost them all,

When you ask me for those Stares,
I say Im all blind,

When you ask me for those Memories,
I say I burnt it all behind,

When you ask me for that Love,
I say I sold my heart away,

When you ask Me of Me,
Silence was all that I could say.

Sincerely Yours!