alryt alryt this is ENUF, I have had it from me. I can't be any lazier than THIS. But Im *sigh*. LORD! I can be so pathetic at times. Im turning to a couch potato or rather a potato with a laptop attached to it :S
Its been months we have shifted back to Pakistan and saddeningly half of the entire packed stuff was loaded in my room, and I was BAY-ROOM (without a room) for like around 4 months now. Finally we decided to take out all the stuff re-arrange it so that it fits into ONE room, and I get to have my room back :). Its been a tiring effort of about 8 hours that we finally managed to THOSOFY all the stuff in one room leaving behind a few suitcases in my room, which I will eventually stick back into that room so that there isnt a needle left in my room :P Now I have to assemble my PC Table, get a PC, get a Bed, a dresser would be optional (I can literally live without a dresser :P ) and a few other optional items for my room. But first off I still have to clear up alot of Mess that is hanging around in my room *sigh* and here Im sitting and planning stuff that I should Do rather doing it in reality =/ couch potatao!