So trust me it has been months or around an year or so that I have done a Tag, these days nobody tags anyone anyhow. Considering that I'm STILL a child according to a comment by someone I have received lately, I planned to get done with the tag tonight :P And the tag sort of describes what a Human craves to be in his/her Imagination ;)


  1. If I were to be a Month; I'd say December, the Month that marks the End of the Gregorian Year (And because its Winter's )
  2. If I were to be a Day of the Week; I'd say Friday, the Mubarak day of the Week.
  3. If I were to be a Time of the Day; I'd say Early Morning (irrespective of the exact timing), It's such a serene time to be :)
  4. If were to be a Season; I'd say Autumn; waiting to shed off those rotten years of my life.
  5. If I were to be a Planet; I'd say Mars; a Human's NEXT possible stop ;)
  6. If I were to be a Sea Animal; I'd say a Dolphin, that's the cutest and the most playful creature of the sea.
  7. If I were to be a Direction; I'd say the Right one (not literally) but morally the Right Direction ;)
  8. If I were to be a piece of Furniture; I'd say a Daybed, it gives you both the pleasure of falling asleep as well as a piece of convenient sitting :D
  9. If I were to be a Liquid; I'd say blood (no explanation needed).
  10. If I were to be a Tree; I'd be an Oak Tree, because it's Evergreen.
  11. If I were to be a tool; I'd say a hammer, strike em' hard Dude!
  12. If I were to be an element; I'd say Water, the Purest.
  13. If I were to be a Gemstone; I'd say a Black Diamond, rarest and Prettiest :D
  14. If I were to be a Musical Instrument; I'd say a Rabab, because its Simple and it's Folk.
  15. If I were to be a Color; I'd say Sea Green, its just so Surreal.
  16. If I were to be an Emotion; I'd say Satisfaction.
  17. If I were to be a Fruit; I'd say an Apple, I'd keep the Doctor Away, TRUST ME! :P
  18. If I were to be a Sound; I'd say the Sound of the Waves smashing the stones.
  19. If I were to be a Car; I'd say I'm BLANK ( yes I can't think of ANY car right now =/ )
  20. If I were to be a Food; I'd say a Healthy One, everyone talks about it, but no one really bothers to have some :P
  21. If I were to be a Taste; I'd say I'd LOVE to be the Taste of Victory.
  22. If I were to be a Pair of Shoes; I'd say None. (I dont want to be Shoes).
  23. If I were to be a Bird; I'd say a Snow Owl, Pretty, Mysterious and Wise ;)
And here the Tag comes to a formal Ending. All the To Be's are truthfully answered (no bragging about them) If I really was to be anything from the above I'd prefer being the one I just answered.
And as a 'Pass On' ritual I pass this tag on to:

Haris Gulzar

and etc etc, In short EVERYONE.

ps: I know nobody will think twice about getting done with the tag so Im not wasting my time adding links to the names :P Suit Yourself buggers :P