Dear Baba Jani,
At first I thought to wish you Happy Birthday in all the languages that I could find through the internet, but than I said to myself that saying words in a language that neither I nor u could understand wouldnt have the feel that I want to give away. Planning a surprise for you was sooooo exciting, you not knowing what is going on outside the room, and why the hell is your constant request for fresh lime is being rejected by Mama =P, you see that was all part of the plan. Telling you we are going to the tailor and than hiding this master piece under the dupatta just so you wouldn't notice was HILARIOUS ;)
Your the best Baba Jani a girl can ever imagine (MashAllah), you have never stopped us from doing anything, or from following our dreams, you didn't place any rules or laws for WHAT you want from us in Life. You were just there for us whenever we needed you, helping us get through all those times when a kid feels it's the end of her world. You had been, you are and InshAllah you will be the BEST Baba Jani in this world =D
May Allah bless you with health, respect, peace and strength through out your life, and may your hand remains on us for all the coming years InshAllah ameen sum ameen =)

Happy Birth Day Baba Jani!

Shanooo :-*