It was just a few months ago when I was living peacefully in my tree-house back in the jungle, I wasn't worried about any darn thing before, like Im used to now. Life in Jungle is so subtle and at ease. Nobody dares to poke their noses in somebody else's life. The cheetah didn't bother WHY the elephant spent 16hours of his day eating and the rest sleeping. Neither did the Hippo get jealous of the deer for being so smart and sweet. Infact nobody really cared what the other was doing. And there I was spending my life in utmost pleasure, I didn't have to spend time thinking if I really had to fit myself anywhere in this jungle, until now when I decided to shift from the mellow jungle life to the scary tip-top life of the suburbs.
I tell you life here isn't as easy as it seems, and 99.9% of my time is spend thinking ' Where the hell have I gone wrong that Im getting all those stares'. Its like as if a Kid has just broken Mommy's precious little crystal piece and that poor thing keeps on thinking in his mind Where did I go wrong Mommy =( Sometimes it seems like Im just a miss-fit in this world filled with PERFECT people. Every other man on this planet is simply Perfect/Flawless you see like Picture-Perfect. Parents make your Parents believe that nobody on this Whole planet can have kids like them, they are obedient, they are well-educated, they have got the perfect job and the perfect spouses, all in all they are the Perfect family.
Living a life in the jungle for years like a nomad, and then trying to fit yourself in a Picture-Perfect life like those living in the suburbs isn't EASY, rather it simply isn't possible if u ask me. I tried to fit IN but all this time it feels Im not made for this life, the situation gets out of hand, and surprisingly the ball never comes in my side of the court. As I have spend time thinking I have examined a minute similarity in the lives of all these suburbanites, they really don't let you INSIDE their shell, they never let you feel the way they live their lives, in words you cant step into their shoes and see how life looks from their perspective. Its like your licking an Ice-Lolly without tasting what is in between, exactly how will u explain life to someone if u DON'T let them see how u see it. Its all cliched now, this topic is not new , and its not like I have stirred a new wave in this stagnant pool of Perfect people, life is just same here for each and every person. And I just don't want to live that SAME life as they have been living for years, decades, centuries bla bla.. If I cant manage to fit IN than damn you I wont, I will live my own life like back in the jungle, where I had the authority of my own life and no one else. Nobody can be the 'Jungle Queen' other than me =P

P.S: Today I have spent my precious little napping time staring in my veranda just so I can catch those brats who broke the window for the 4th time in 2 months =@. The ball came inside the house and they needed it badly so I was dead sure just like last time they would definitely jump in to get the ball this time as well, and to my surprise they didn't, rather unfortunate for them another of their ball came in our court =P and as for my CHALAKINESS I trapped both the balls inside the grilled portion of the veranda and 'ab unka baap bhe woh balls wahan say nahe nikal sakta' HAH!