Assalmualikum all the fellow pretty and handsome bloggers :D. Back again and really will not at all describe where the hell was I for the past God knows how many days, months or year I guess, ok lemme make a calculation ;).... So it hasnt been that much tyme as much as Im bragging about it, it has been over 7 months that I havent blogged and I felt shameless as if I havent blogged for decades :S
So I have finally settled down in Pakiland alhumduliAllah, and really trying to make the necessary alterations and arrangements to cope up with the current political, environmental and social issues going around.And as all know living and adjusting in Pakistan once you have spent a long time outside of the country is a hard job, and it needs both patience and patience :P arey bhai yahan sirf yeahi cheese chahye banda ban kr rehnay ky lyeh ;)
Im glad that I have finally dropped by this platform and blogged something, chalo kuch philosophical na sahe, kuch humorous na sahe but it is something which is definitely better than nothing ^.^ and InshAllah from now on will certainly try to update my blog if not weekly but fortnightly. Missed reading Ubees depressed and senseless journals, and siras's girly chit chats and ofcourse falakk my lil sissy :D and loads of other fellow bloggers ( jinka naam nahe liya woh naraz mat hun ).
Gosh and m so pathetic that at the moment Im listening to real ridiculous songs on the fm right now :S but it matches the theme at my place right now

"So gaya yeh jahan So gaya aasma" ROFL!!
and the next one is such a disgrace that i cant even manage to type it :P hahahahaha but its the feeling of having something being played continuously into ur ears :D and finally here comes a good song :D yuppie. Kheir I better bring this post to an end coz it's getting nothing more than nonsense at the moment, You know my skills need to be brushed up a little bit its been a long tyme since I blogged :P

Will be blogging later on regarding struggles to get admission in a good uni ofcourse and the life beyond that :D

Love ya all