Hey All,

I'm sorry to say that haven't been able to post anything for like more than a week now, and it seems ages. Have been feeling guilty for not staying up-to-date. Had loads of ideas and thoughts to share but couldn't just make myself come and type something. Might be I have gone lazy or irritable or any other thing, but things didn't seem to end up here for me.
Listening to the news for the past few days have made me think how In-Humane we Pakistanis have become, we are selling our patriotism(if there was any at the first place) Pakistan seems to be in a worst condition than ever, but it seems as if nobody is ever bothered about it. The leaders are as calm as ever, the public is as confused and frustrated and as aggravated as ever. Crimes aren't falling any lower, inflation is at its peak (though this is the thing equally shared worldwide). Population is increasing even at a higher rate than an ants army/colony, everywhere u see there is a human working his head off to get enough money to buy himself bread n' butter. And on the other hand there r those who are sitting on the chairs, reading newspapers, drinking their coffee, talking on the phone, signing one or two papers and have enough money to charter a jet. Bearing all this doesnt seem to be everyone's cup of tea, but still we are swallowing this bitter node. Thats the reason frustrated souls have escalated so much in the past few years.