Is it you whom Im looking for all this time? For all I see in a Man ahead are trails of your essence left behind. The space between me and him can never be the same as it was before. I can never be the same, can never feel as I felt before. These emotions have really ripped myself from within, left me wander astray and look amidst life as if love didnt ever exist!
Why do I always have to look for you within everyone I meet. Why is it always you who is at the back of my mind whenever I want to take a step ahead, why do my feet feel all numb when I want them to be there for me. You have left me all useless, hopeless and pathetic. I have been trying hard, harder then ever before to get myself out of all of these childish desires. I lost you and I lost myself a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold on to, a smile to look upto. I cant fill my eyes with those tears again, cant fill that face with that smile again. I cant fill my heart with that love again. 
I just cant wish upon a star anymore, I just can pray for a heart anymore, I just cant ask for Love anymore. I dont deserve self anymore. I dont deserve Me anymore.

All I fear now is of dying alone!