Let me be how I wish to be,
Holding on to that last strand,
Isn't easy for me,
Nor as easy for you.

Let me be how I wish to be,
For I want you to be,
As You wish to be,

It's time now to leave your hand, for I have been holding on to you for far too long now, you have held me whenever I needed that hand, whenever I needed that strength to keep on going with this world. The world isnt a Board Game for me now, but I have learnt my lessons the hard way. Taking decisions aren't any easier, but sticking on to them has become my strength.

Im just the same old me, not being able to say exactly what I want. Locking up things that bother me, deep inside. You had the key, the access to whatever was in there, but my strength became my weakness and I began to loose the battle of my Dignity. Time flies by, so does everyone else along with it. 

I wish to leave that hand now, for I have surely piled up everything inside me to the extent that I cannot explain the intensity of the pain inside. I have failed myself yet again, but I dont regret doing that, because Im proud of the fact that I served my long dead Ego. I served everyone else accept myself, I can NEVER satisfy myself my dear, NEVER!

Holding on to your hand for far too long now,
I just wish I never did,
For down below I see the ragged rocks,
And the sight of you above makes me shiver,

Death isnt easy,
Let me just die the easy way,
By just stabbing the self inside.

Let me just DIE the easy way.......